Biotech Companies

What are Pharmaceuticals

Big Pharma is not only made up of the large pharma companies but also made up of other industries too. For instance a Biotech Company is also a piece of Aunt Pharma. A Biotech Company typically breaths on fulfilling solutions to health problems. They are often experimental and often times public companies. A biotech company can be found on alot of penny stock lists but there are more popular comapanies as well. Once a biotech company introduces a drug that successfully helps mitigate an illness, it is typically picked up by one of the larger companies and taken to market. This is what I think irritates some people, that Big Pharma controls what the people have available to them regarding drugs but that is very short sighted. Big Pharma spends alot of money, works within regulations and provides us with quality drugs to help us get through our lives more comfortably.